Chuck Wilson Deconstructed 

I now can easily say I am satisfied with my professional life. I have become adept in letting talented people due what they do, while I concentrate on my Real Estate clients needs.
Music has played an important role in my life. As a child listening to my parent’s music, hanging with my uncle at the jazz club "Light House" in Hermosa and of course listening to the great Rock of my era, I developed a passion for music. As I got older I realized that the music I was enjoying was all blues based and that led me on down the road to were I am today. I absolutely love the blues and find great joy performing it live with my band and friends. I now design Blues vintage style guitars and amps sold under the name Bootlegger Guitars.Studio. We are now working with veteran groups both donating guitars and generating funds. Music can help make a difference. 
My passion for music brought me to building Studio 637, a recording studio in my hometown of Hermosa Beach. With the evolution of the industry, I understood I needed to incorporate video and live streaming. Today with the help of my talented staff, we work with many artists locally and globally creating music, music videos and producing live stream shows. We are not only a music-recording studio. We also work with corporate and business producing high quality digital content.

I was guest of the show "Whats The Business"  filmed and produced at Studio-637 

It was a fun interview. Please watch


Please contact me at 310 613 2808

With Racing Rally and introducing my son Rick to the sport we then opened our performance shop Dirty Racing Products in Florida. We build hot rods, custom cars, trucks and Subaru Rally Cars. Rick races the SCCA Rally Cross series and we provide crew and service for east coast Rally teams. We design and build Rally Racing related parts for Subaru WRX and an off road kit for Crosstrek XV. We are now selling these parts both globally and locally at Subaru Dealerships

After years of sports and training in martial arts I started looking for something to satisfy the more crazy side of my personality. I found it in Performance Rally Racing. This absolutely stupid sport and the crazy people that compete in it quickly became a part of my life. It has put me in the hospital, broken bones, driven me to tears and provided me the most unique joy I will ever experience. Racing down an unknown road with a co-driver at speeds up to and over 100 mph day or night, rain or snow is beyond exhilarating, terrifying and creates bonds that will last a lifetime. While it sounds like a "ya ho" sport, it is the opposite. It is a technical artistic style of driving at high speeds with a definitive skill set. Today, I race open class Subaru STI's in the NASA and CRS Championship Series. We are sponsored in part by Lucas Oil.

Real estate has been my career starting at 23.  To this day it is what I am most proud of professionally. My wife, Mary and I together have closed more then 3500 escrows. I have negotiated complex 1031 tax exchanges, built multi unit properties, and have sold all types of residences from first homes to executive housing. While working with Re/Max we both earned the Hall Of Fame award for productivity and we both hold the CRS credential from the DRE for ethics and professionalism. In 2006 we decided to open our own firm Real Estate of South Bay. Today we continue to work with both new and previous clients both enjoying the relationship we make while providing are excellent service.